What Is Gastric Band Surgery and How Is It Performed?

Gastric Band Surgery

If overweight or obese people fail in their weight loss efforts through exercise and diet, they may prefer surgeries that help to lose weight, such as gastric band surgery.Adjustable Gastric Band

Gastric Band

The gastric band is one of the types of obesity surgery that is performed in about 1 hour and is easy to use. The aim of this surgery is to compress a little from the upper part of the stomach.With this compression process, the stomach volume is reduced and the appetite part of the stomach is suppressed, making people want to eat less. As a result, people feel full for a much longer time with less food and a small portion is enough for the person to be full.

What is Adjustable Stomach Band?

The gastric band can be applied as a fixed band or in an adjustable format. What is the adjustable gastric band; There is no fixed pattern in this stomach band type. It is adjusted for each individual depending on the weight of the person, the amount of weight he needs to lose, and the size of the stomach of the person.

What is Gastric Band Surgery?

What is gastric band surgery; With the laparoscopic method, it is the procedure of opening an incision in the abdomen of the person and reaching his stomach, and compressing the upper part of the stomach with a special piece called a band.During this procedure, the person is put to sleep with general anesthesia. After the procedure is completed, a trace of 3mm or 5mm is left on the abdomen of the person, which will be a little obvious at first and then almost invisible.gastric band surgery proceduregastric band surgery proceduregastric band surgery procedure

Who Is Eligible for Gastric Band Surgery?

Gastric band is applied to People with a BMI between 30 and 40 who may benefit from the gastric band procedure. However, the generally applied BMI range is 35 – 40 BMI.In addition to the BMI value, the presence of diabetes, hypertension, and similar diseases caused by being overweight is sufficient for the application of this procedure.

How Do I Lose Weight with Gastric Band?

The gastric band is the process of reducing a certain part of the stomach by suppressing it. As a result of this procedure, people have a smaller stomach than before.A person with a small stomach can easily be satisfied with a small portion. Thus, the amount of food consumed by the person is greatly reduced.Reducing the amount of food leads to a calorie deficit. The person who consumes fewer calories than before begins to lose weight.In addition, the gastric band is specially applied to the area where the stomach secretes the appetite secretion. In other words, the person feels full for a long time besides being satiated with a small portion. The old, over-eating habit is reduced.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

Gastric band is replaced in a few minutes; The entire procedure takes an average of 1 hour to apply. Within the procedure, general anesthesia is given to the person first and the person is completely asleep. Then, incisions of 3mm to 5mm in size are made. Laparoscopic devices are inserted into the person’s abdomen through these incisions and a cuff is attached to the person’s stomach.

Gastric Band Risks

The biggest complication among the gastric band risks is the slippage of the gastric band. The stomach band shifts and shifts over time, which prevents the person from losing weight. In addition, complications from anesthesia may occur. Having a high BMI value increases the probability of being affected by anesthesia.Another risk is the infection of the surgical site. It’s more about how people look after the surgical wound.Note: Complications such as leakage are not seen in gastric band surgery.

Gastric Band Wearers / Reviews

Those who had gastric band surgery generally state that gastric banding surgery gives positive results. However, considering these comments, there are points that you should pay attention to;

  • You should quit your old eating habits and start eating healthier.
  • You should stay away from sugary, fast food, or acidic foods.
  • You should pay attention to exercise during the day.
  • You should not eat your food all at once. Your daily number of meals should be at least 5. Within these 5 meals, you should consume protein and carbohydrate foods in only 3 meals. Your other 2 meals should be snacks.
  • You should eat a little and often.

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