Gastric Bypass

Your beginner guide to Gastric bypass. 

Whether you’re a beginner or you already did some research, this guide has all the infos you need to learn about this procedure. 

It’s in 7 parts, we suggest you go in order for a easier understanding. However, feel free to start wherever you want if you need detailed information on a specific subject.

Gastric bypass surgery

If you’re thinking about undergoing bariatric surgery for health-related reasons and weight loss goals, the gastric bypass will be one of the first surgeries you’ll be thinking of. This metabolic surgery helps many obesity-related diseases and offers you a healthier life with significant weight loss.

Throughout time bypass surgery is improved and nowadays it’s done laparoscopically. It’s safe and very beneficial. Of course, it has its pros and cons but all can be prevented for a better you. Check out this article to wipe all the question marks out in your head, learn what steps to take and many more!

Gastric bypass surgery requirements

There are some qualifications to be met to undergo gastric bypass surgery. These may include your health condition, your BMI, your age, and many more. Just a hint for you, if you are ready to make lifestyle changes and mentally ready, there is a petite checklist to be completed.

To learn if you are a qualified candidate or not you can take a look at this article. If somehow you don’t qualify for the surgery, you can find out why and discover good alternatives for your situation. 

Also, you can benefit from the BMI calculator here to check your BMI!

Gastric bypass diet

Diet will be a grand part of your gastric bypass journey, especially for the afterward process. You must do the post-op diet, however, the pre-op diet is totally optional.

Generally, patients do not need it but it has its own benefits, too. It can help you make some adjustments in your kitchen and eating style before you undergo the surgery. Gastric bypass requires a very detailed post-op diet plan. It has 4 stages and each stage differs from one another. You will gradually increase your food and nutrient intake. 

You can check the article to learn a general overview of these two diets and see what you can consume in which stage and for how long. 

Gastric bypass surgery cost

The cost of the surgery is one of the factors when deciding to undergo gastric bypass surgery. The price depends on many factors such as the experience of the surgeon, which country you want to undergo the surgery in, and the type of bypass.

There could be some hidden fees and the prices may or may not include them. Knowing these prices beforehand will help you save up your money and plan better financial calculations. 

If you have a contract with a health insurance company, you can also get help covering up your expenses. Although you need to be careful because what insurance covers changes from company to company.

If you think the expenses are too much for you, here you can find out the most affordable option for you, too. 

Gastric bypass in Turkey

Turkey is one of the famous medical touristic places. There are tempting reasons to choose Turkey for your gastric bypass surgery. Two main reasons are the success rates and budget-friendliness. 

The healthcare system is highly developed and Turkey consists of many experienced bariatric surgeons. To ensure your safety, there are many certificates you can check such as FDA approvals or JCI accreditations.

Turkey offers reasonable and affordable options. With the all-inclusive prices, you will be also paying for accommodation, a luxurious hospital stay, and VIP transportation. 

 If you’re considering Turkey for your gastric bypass surgery, this article will provide with overall information about traveling essentials, why to consider and what steps to take.

Gastric bypass recovery

The recovery part of this surgery is the most essential part. It’s about both your healing process and adapting to a new lifestyle. It could be challenging because of some side effects but with the right suggestions, you can get through this process with ease. 

Your recovery actually will last for a year as it includes lifestyle and dietary changes. Your stomach will heal approximately in six weeks.

For a fresh start, you can find out beneficial information about how dietary and lifestyle changes help you recover, how to go through this process easier, and learn some tips. 

Gastric bypass complications

After any kind of surgery, there is always a possibility to encounter some complications. You will be recovering from surgery and knowing what could happen beforehand will help you prevent these obstacles. You may face these complications during your hospital stay, in the first period of time, or in the long run. You must know that these complications are both preventable and manageable. 

Sometimes these complications can be fixed with small interventions but sometimes another surgery can be required. Either way, your doctor will be there for you to help you continue your weight loss journey.

Here we give you tips to prevent, and overcome, and what steps to take when you face a complication.

Gastric bypass revision

Sometimes patients may encounter problems after their gastric bypass surgery. These problems may be a result of the previous surgery or the patient’s having a hard time with the instructions during the recovery process.

Revision surgery is to fix these mistakes to grant you a better, healthier weight loss journey. As you will be undergoing another surgery again, the revision surgery will also require a recovery time. 

There are different procedures for revision surgery regarding your situation. Here’s how the surgery is done and what you can expect during post-op life.

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