Bariatric surgery

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Bariatric Surgery is the beginning of a new lifestyle.
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Our philosphy

Obesity generally begins with pyscological problems, and most probably follows metabolic health conditions. Our mission is to help our patients be healthy both physically and mentally and support them during the whole process. With obesity treatment, we fasten and ease the physical part for you, and meanwhile we give you the necessary dietetic and pychological support you need. To offer the best quality, we are working with dietitians and pychologists who are experts in the bariatric field.
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Bariatric Surgery is not a momentary change, it is the beginning of a new lifestyle.
Gastric Sleeve
It is the most popular weight-loss surgery in Turkey, which constitutes approximately 80% of the operations performed in our clinic.
Gastric Bypass
Performed in order to reduce the amount of food absorbed by the intestines, gastric bypass is a more complicated surgery than sleeve.
Gastric Balloon
Performed by placing a balloon in the stomach, the gastric balloon procedure has notably increased in popularity in the last recent years.
Stomach Botox
It is a weight loss method that aims to provide a feeling of satiety by injecting botulinum toxin into certain areas of the stomach.


Op. Dr. Ceyhun Aydoğan has completed his specialty in the Department of General Surgery at Istanbul Faculty of Medicine. He worked in many different hospitals as a bariatric surgeons. He has more than 20 years of experience. He founded his clinic in 2019 and attends to all metabolic surgeries. Among all the metabolic surgeries, he mostly performs gastric sleeve and bypass.

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I had gastric sleeve surgery with Dr.Ceyhun Aydogan and everything went amazingly well. The hospital was amazing and very clean and met my expectations. The service provided by the staff and nurses was indescribable they were all incredibly helpful and very friendly. They made this journey so much easier for me and made me feel perfectly safe and trusting. They never left me by myself I felt very comfortable with them and they did everything I asked for and more!

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