8 Most Necessary Items to Buy Before Bariatric Surgery

A big part of the preparation for any journey is the packing stage. First, you need to make a list of all the necessary stuff, where to buy them for a good price in less time, and finally, the packing begins.

So, bariatric patients are not so different from travelers. Your journey is even more serious than one takes solely for leisure. You have decided to change your life and give yourself a chance to live a healthier, happier life. I know that you are stressed and thinking about a lot of stuff. Even if you’re a professional juggler, taking care of so many things at the same time is a nightmare.

That’s exactly why I’ve prepared a list of all the essentials you need to put in the bag you take to the hospital. As a bariatric surgeon, I have never seen a bariatric surgery patient coming to the hospital with these items spending an unpleasant stay. If you want to know what to buy before bariatric surgery, make sure to read this till the end.

What to Buy Before Bariatric Surgery

1- Pajamas or any Kind of Comfortable Clothes

Maybe one of the reasons you want to lose weight is to be able to wear tight or fit clothes with confidence, or maybe you already have the confidence to do it now (which I really advise you to), but the initial post-operation period is not a good time to realize this dream.

Your body has undergone serious changes. Yes, if the weight loss procedure is done in a laparoscopic way, there are no severe wounds, yet still you need to give your body some space. So, imagine you’re going to one of your childhood sleepovers. Just pack whatever is loose and super comfortable. and by loose, I don’t mean too loose pants that won’t stand up because that’s another trouble.

2- Mouthwash or Breath Spray

Listen, no one expects you to be as neat as usual; not the nurses, not your doctor, or not any of the probable visitors to the hospital. But, the bad breath that you might experience a day after the operation time will probably irritate you a little bit.

In order to avoid any inconvenience, just make sure to have a small breath spray to make yourself refreshed.

3- Lip Balm and Lotion

Due to the changes to your digestion system resulted from the weight-loss surgery- mostly in the cases of gastric sleeve procedure and gastric bypass surgery– you might not be allowed to drink or eat anything for a couple of hours.

As a result, you’ll have dry lips and feel a bit of dryness in your lips and skin. Also, one of your body’s reactions to the surgical procedure is sending water to vital organs so, somehow nothing will remain for the other parts. A small lotion and lip balm can save you then.

4- Cellphone, iPad, or Kindle Reader

Now you’re thinking I just had undergone a bariatric procedure, I won’t be in the mood for reading or checking social media. First of all, a cellphone is mainly to let your family or close friends know you’re safe and OK.

Second of all, you never know what happens. You might get bored and have something to get your mind off the surgery, then these will come in handy.

5- Your Favorite Pillow or Toy

You are a grownup, but even grownups are allowed to be used to holding something special and get relaxed before falling asleep.

If you have such a thing, whether it’s a pillow or maybe a teddy bear, don’t be shy. You’ll definitely need it to ease the difficulty of surgery.

6- Earplugs

If you’re in a small private clinic, there’s a good chance your environment is silent in a pleasant way. Yet you should be ready for anything at a hospital. Sometimes nurses will be busy and their voices, in addition to the patients’, will bring about some disturbing noise pollution.

Just put your earplugs in, play your favorite music, turn up the sound and think about the better days that are yet to come.

7- Medications

In case you use any specific medications, you should let your doctor know of them during the consultation sessions, and if you’re allowed to take them right after the surgery as well, make sure to hand them to the nurses when checking in.

8- Slippers/Socks with Treads

Many hospitals provide their gastric bypass patients (or simply any type of weight loss surgery) with socks or slippers with tread but take one or two with yourself, just to be sure. They protect you from any stepping on dirty floors or the instability you will experience after the surgery.

Final Word

This stuff was proven to be necessary during all the years that I’ve worked as a bariatric surgeon. If you feel like you have a special daily routine during your preoperative period and you’ll need something for it if it’s carryable, just bring it with you! No worries at all. One more point. You need to be careful about your pre-op diet and what you eat before your weight loss surgery in order to minimize any digestion discomfort and risk of complications. Also, after the surgery, you have to follow a liquid diet for weeks after surgery. Then you’ll be gradually able to consume solid food a few months after surgery.

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