Gastric sleeve cost: prices, financing, how to save up

Chapter 7

When it comes to getting a gastric sleeve, the cost can be one of the determining factors that affect one’s decision. Like any surgical procedure, gastric sleeve surgery can be expensive, and the total cost will depend on a variety of factors, including the location, the surgeon performing the procedure, the quality of the service, and the specific health insurance coverage that the patient has.

In this chapter of our complete guide to gastric sleeve surgery, we will take a closer look at the cost and explore some of the factors that can impact the overall price of gastric sleeve surgery, and what you’ll actually be paying for. We will also discuss some of the different payment and insurance options that may be available to those who are interested in pursuing this procedure, as well as some tips for keeping costs down and ensuring that you are getting the treatment you need without a financial burden.

Let’s get into the details.

How much does it cost to get a gastric sleeve?

cost of gastric sleeve

With gastric sleeve the cost can range between $2.700 to $28.000. This is just a general idea, an average cost of gastric sleeve worldwide.

The prices for these procedures will be different also based on type of procedure. Because the difference mostly is about the technique, they all require specialized equipment to perform. The costs and fees for these types of equipment are taken into consideration when coming up with a price. 

For example, for robotic gastric sleeve, surgeons will have to use special robotic equipment, and this can affect the cost.

Type of Gastric Sleeve

Minimum price

 Maximum price

Laparoscopic gastric sleeve



Endoscopic gastric sleeve



Robotic gastric sleeve



What can affect the cost of gastric sleeve?

The prices of a gastric sleeve are based solely on the operation cost. The prices vary due to geographical sight, insurance coverage, and the hospital itself.

Now, the price range for the surgery can seem drastic at first, but there are a few reasons why they vary so greatly:

The most important factor that determines the price is the location. In countries with a strong currency, the surgery will be more expensive; and in countries where the currency is not as strong, the price will be more affordable. And even in the same country or state, the prices will change depending on the cost of living.

The second factor is insurance coverage, which also depends on the location. In countries where health insurance is not provided by the government, a lot of people have to rely on private insurance. However, the patient’s insurance either won’t cover the cost at all or cover only a minimum amount; and the price remains high. 

Not every service provider or hospital gives you a total price upfront. The costs for pre-op tests, anesthesia, hospital stay, etc. may not be included in the initial quote you’ve been provided with. With all additional costs accounted for, the surgery can get more expensive than you anticipated.

What are the additional costs?

Additional costs are the services that are required and given before and after the surgery. Depending on the country, state, city, or from hospital to hospital, these fees can be added to the surgery fee, or they can be included. 

So, when budgeting for your operation, be prepared and take these fees into consideration as they are a non-negotiable part of the process:

Additional expensesMin PriceMax Price 
Consultation fee100$300$
Evaluation fee100$500$
Dietitian 100$250$
Pre-Op test100$300$
Anesthesia 800$1.500$
CT Scan500$2.500$
Hospital stay5000$10.000$
IV therapy450$1.500$
Prescribed meds100$700$
Follow-up visits50$


Please consider these additional costs because they are a significant impact on the price.

Can I get financing for gastric sleeve?

Yes, you can get financing options for gastric sleeve surgery from healthcare financing companies or banks. They will collect information about your income, credit history, and the cost of the surgery for your application approval.

Before signing for the application read the restrictions of repayment requirements to avoid extra fees or interest.

If I have bad credit can I get a gastric sleeve with financing?

If you have applied for a financing option with a bad credit score, it may be difficult for them to accept your application. However, some healthcare financing companies accept working with a poor credit history or below-average income, but there might be some drawbacks such as higher interest or fees.

Would insurance pay for my gastric sleeve?

In short, yes. It’s possible to get gastric sleeve surgery with insurance coverage. But there are some hoops you need to jump first.

Whether you have state or private insurance, the insurance company or the government won’t cover the expenses if you get the operation done overseas, in a different country.

If you have state insurance provided by the government, you’ll be expected to meet certain qualifications. These qualifications will differ for each country. If you meet these qualifications, the state will cover the fees for your surgery partially, or as a whole.

If you have private insurance, you can get in touch with your provider to learn about the terms and qualifications. Most private insurance companies won’t cover expenses related to previous diagnoses. Or, they will partially cover some of the expenses related to the surgery.

What are the requirements for insurance to pay for gastric sleeve?

As we have said, the requirements for insurance coverage will differ for each country and insurance provider. However, we can list some common criteria patents are expected to meet:

BMI: Having a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher, or a BMI of 35 or higher with illnesses related to obesity, such as diabetes, sleep apnea, or high blood pressure.

Morbid obesity: When your doctor diagnoses your weight under the category of obesity. The confirmation to be identified as one is when you’re having 100 lbs./45 kg excess weight.

Age: The age confirmation is for you to be at least 18 years old or under 65.

Weight loss attempts:  You need Documents of failed weight loss attempts, to make the surgery a helping factor for the weight loss goals.

Psychological evaluation: Your psychiatrist will evaluate your state of mind to approve that you will follow pre and post-op guidelines.

Even if you fit the criteria above, please get in touch with your insurance provider to learn if you qualify, and which expenses they can cover.

Do I have a more affordable option for getting a gastric sleeve?

Yes, there are some ways to make this surgery more affordable. The most popular option by far is to get this surgery done overseas in a different country. Getting the surgery done in another country can prove to be more cost-effective, and time efficient

Gastric sleeve with medical tourism can offer affordable prices while maintaining the same quality of care due to the lower cost of living and currency rates. Choosing to get surgery abroad can also bypass waiting lists, strict qualifications, and insurance bureaucracy. Medical tourism agencies can handle all the planning and organization, including scheduling surgery, accommodations, consultations, and transportation, allowing the patient to relax and minimize their planning efforts.

If you are considering a more affordable option, you can contact us whenever and however you like. You can either click the WhatsApp icon left down below and talk to our team in your native language or fill out the contact form and we’ll be with you shortly.

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