Gastric bypass Turkey all inclusive package deals

Ever heard of comfortable and affordable medical tourism? Let us introduce you to the gastric bypass Turkey all inclusive package. This package includes all the services a bariatric patient can ever ask for. All you need to do is to contact a health tourism agency, and your trip will be planned thoroughly from your arrival until your departure. 

The gastric bypass procedure is a popular weight loss surgery and it can be pricey in some countries, such as the UK and the USA. So, how can you get that kind of service for a more affordable price? Health tourism is the answer.

Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations for medical tourism. Not only because of its affordable costs! Skilled bariatric surgeons, medical staff, reputable hospitals, top-notch medical equipment, and high-quality services are also the other factors why foreign patients choose to visit Turkey for their bariatric procedure. 

Let us tell you more about the gastric bypass Turkey all inclusive package deals offer you!

Why does Turkey offer you these packages?

Turkey offers these packages to make the medical tourist’s visit for the procedures simple, affordable, and safe for them. Most tourist patients are not familiar with the area, and that can make it hard to get around the city, whether it’s Istanbul or Antalya. To be able to offer these packages, hospitals, health tourism agencies, and hotels made an agreement to work together and created all-inclusive packages for their customers.

These packages help eliminate the drawbacks of having a surgical procedure in Turkey, such as accommodation, transportation, difficulty of communication, etc. By eliminating these factors, we try to make sure our international patients have their healthcare visits as safe, comfortable, and affordable as possible.

Benefits you can advantage from Turkey packages

The gastric bypass Turkey package offers lots of benefits. These benefits will not only make your trip comfortable but also enjoyable. Let us see what benefits you can advantage from gastric bypass Turkey all inclusive packages:

You don’t have to arrange a hotel

After you make an agreement with the service provider of your choice, they will start making the arrangements for your stay. They will place you in a 4-star hotel they are partnered with. All there will be left for you to do is just show up!

No room for fraudulent activities

All of us healthcare providers are accredited by TÜRSAB. Meaning we are fully equipped and qualified to serve international patients. To make sure we are up-to-date with our equipment and our patient services are up to standards, the Turkish Ministry of Health supports us and does regular inspections. So, you will be in good hands.

No worries about arranging transportation

We also got your back when it comes to transportation. You will be provided with a VIP transportation vehicle. Your chauffeur will drive you between the airport, the hospital, and the hotel. If you wish, we also provided you with a trip to Taksim, one of the most popular touristic areas in Istanbul!

Ensuring a constant presence of trust and friendly support

We also got your back when it comes to transportation. You will be provided with a VIP transportation vehicle. Your chauffeur will drive you between the airport, the hospital, and the hotel. If you wish, we also provided you with a trip to Taksim, one of the most popular touristic areas in Istanbul!

Eliminating individual payments and unexpected costs

 If you do not pick a package and just choose the surgery, you will need to find accommodation and transportation on your own. If you do not know your way around, that can get difficult. And also, it can get more expensive. 

First of all, if you choose another hotel to stay, there will not be any bariatric teams there since they will not be partnered with your service provider. You will need to go back and forth between the hospital for your needs. Not only that, but you will also face a language barrier when it comes to transportation. Using public transportation can be uncomfortable as it can be crowded, and taxi drivers may not know the language you speak. This can lead to miscommunication and you might not be able to get to where you need to be. But packages can offer you those for your comfort and safety!

Making the most of your stay with opportunities for sightseeing

Of course, having your bariatric surgery is not the only benefit you can get. If you would like to, you can add extra services to your package, such as sightseeing! If your healthcare provider is located in Istanbul, you can visit lots of popular places. This can make your recovery in the hotel more adventurous and active. You will be provided with an upgraded VIP transfer to take you to these places. You can take cruises, hikes, walks… Anything you would like to do and see in Istanbul, you can! 

Here is the all-inclusive package our clinic offers you!

You will get all the services you can ever ask for in these all-inclusive packages. Everything about your trip will be taken care of by the service provider of your choice. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Pre-op physical examination
  • The gastric bypass/mini gastric bypass surgery
  • Surgical team’s fees
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Anesthesia/anesthesiologist’s fee
  • Pre-op tests – blood test, X-ray, ECG, ultrasound, internal medicine doctor consultation, anesthesiologist consultation, endoscopy
  • 3-night hospital accommodation
  • 3 meals a day for the companion during the hospital stay
  • Deep breathing exerciser
  • Varicose vein stockings
  • Accommodation – 4 nights at a 4-star hotel, including a companion
  • Medications used during the operation and hospital stay
  • Post-op care team at the hotel – nurses and chef service
  • VIP transfers: airport to the hotel, hotel to hospital, hospital to the hotel, hotel to the airport
  • Post gastric bypass care package after you go back – online dietitian and follow-up sessions for 1 year
  • Post-op prescribed medications
  • Free dental cleaning and consultation service with our partner clinic
  • Free shuttle service – hotel to Taksim, Taksim to hotel
  • Translation service – English, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, French, Albanian, etc.

These are gastric bypass and mini gastric bypass all inclusive package deal services in Turkey. You will receive the same services for both procedures, including a 3-night hospital stay and 4-night hotel accommodation. Of course, their prices will differ due to their differences occurring during the surgery, as mini gastric bypass is less complex and indirectly performed in a shorter time compared to traditional gastric bypass.

Gastric bypass turkey all inclusive package deals

Gastric Bypass

Dollar: 4.800$ – 12.800$

Euro: 4.500€ – 12.000€

Pound: 3.900£ – 10.300£

Mini Gastric Bypass

Dollar: 4.200$ – 5.400$

Euro: 3.900€ – 5.000€

Pound: 3.400£ – 4.300£

You might see these prices in the US or the UK as only the gastric bypass surgery costs. But in Turkey, these average costs include all of the services you are quoted to receive. These packages do not compromise the quality of your life-changing procedure. On the contrary, you will receive the best service from our medical team.

Are there any additional expenses?

No, there are not any additional expenses. All the services mentioned in your package also include everything used within them. Turkey’s medical care system does not involve hidden fees such as anesthesia, surgical tools, etc.

The quote given to all of the patients, international or not, is the all-inclusive price. The package deal is also all-inclusive and is a binding agreement between the patient and the health tourism agency. According to the health tourism regulations of the Turkish Ministry of Health, international patients CANNOT be charged extra for the medical services included in the all-inclusive package deals. 

If you were to select additional services to be added to your package, they will of course be an additional expense. Other than that, you will not pay a single penny more for your package.

Is there a limit to the duration or number of visits included in the package?

The package mentions the number of nights you are required to stay. For gastric bypass and mini gastric bypass, you will stay a total of 8 nights. That is what the package contains. If you do stay longer than 8 nights, it will be counted as an additional expense.

For instance, if you would like to visit the popular destinations of the city you choose for your laparoscopic surgery via the health tourism agency’s upgraded VIP transportation service, you will be paying extra as it is an extra service

For your surgery, you will only need to visit once. Afterward, you will be staying in Turkey for 4 nights after your 3-night hospital stay. If you are wondering about your follow-up sessions, well, don’t! They will proceed online. You will be asked for blood tests on your 6th, 9th, and 12th months. You can have them done in your hometown, and send our bariatric team the results. If there are inconsistencies, such as nutrient deficiencies, your diet program will be adjusted accordingly.

How do I schedule appointments for the services included in the package?

Here is the fun part: you don’t! When you first reach out to a health tourism agency, you will be directed to a consultant. With the help of other teams, they will schedule all your appointments for you! Your pre-op tests, surgery, accommodation… All of the services you ought to receive will be scheduled by the agency. All you need to do is book your flight, sit back, relax, and wait for the program that’s prepared for your visit!

Regulation On International Health Tourism and Tourist Health. 

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