Can you take pre workout after gastric sleeve?

After any kind of weight loss surgery, including gastric sleeve operation, a healthy diet combined with regular exercises is necessary in order to get in shape and maintain a long-term healthy weight.

Pre – workout supplements, also called pre-workouts, are meant to give you an extra boost of energy when exercising.

 Can you take pre workout after gastric sleeve, and if so, when can you start including this supplement in your diet? Are there better and safer solutions to getting in shape and losing some extra kilos with exercise while still recovering from a gastric sleeve operation and going through all the stages of recovery? And finally, what should you pay attention to when choosing pre-workouts that will serve you best?

Is it possible to get pre work out in the first 8 weeks?

Can you take pre workout after gastric sleeve, even though it hasn’t been 8 weeks after your surgery? For bariatric patients, it is extremely important to avoid using any pre workout supplements that help with weight loss and raise energy levels for eight weeks after gastric sleeve surgery.

Ingredients included in pre-workouts, such as caffeine or creatine, will negatively affect your post-operation sensitive stomach. So you should definitely exclude them from your diet. Examples include pre workout stimulants and energy drinks, as well as protein shakes, creatine powders, ephedrine, or any other similar mixes.

Pre workout supplements are a category of dietary supplements that consumers take for increased energy levels due to faster blood flow before their exercise program. Basically, they take pre-workouts in order to improve their overall athletic performance. After gastric sleeve surgery, you should definitely avoid lifting anything heavy, doing push or pull motions, and doing heavy work.

Can you take pre workout after 8 weeks?

Actually, you can but do you really need to? A very important question you need to ask yourself before taking any action is whether you really need to start such an intense workout so early after the surgery. You need pre workout supplements in case of weight lifting (a sport activity that is not recommended even after 8 weeks of proceeding with your surgery – including light weights too). Physical activities that will help you throughout your weight loss journey should definitely include cardio.

You will start losing weight by burning fat quickly if you start or continue your active lifestyle and focus on a balanced diet (low carb, lean protein, no refined sugar, no saturated fat sources) together with keeping up your exercise performance.

You need to remember that for cardio exercise routine pre workout is not a necessity. Instead, I would suggest you, do the cardio early in the morning, when you’re hungry. This way, the body will not burn the energy that comes from foods. Because your stomach is empty, the body will empty the fat cells to have the energy it needs. That means, quicker weight loss!

What should I be aware of if I take pre workout?

Nevertheless, if you decide to include pre workouts in your diet after 8 weeks proceeding the surgery, keep in mind you need to contact a medic first. Because of many possible complications, it is always recommended to talk to your doctor before adding any new supplements to your diet after the gastric sleeve surgery. Pre workout supplements may be the cause of gastritis and ulcers because of the stimulants they contain. For this reason, they can be dangerous for people with cardiovascular conditions and additionally lead to a number of other health problems. Building healthy lifestyle habits, including long-term weight loss, cardio exercise routine, and a consistent, healthy diet, should always be your priority.

Caffeine plays a crucial role!

Because of the potentially negative effects that caffeine may have on patients recovering from gastric sleeve surgery, it is recommended to have a strict 3 months avoidance of coffee and all caffeinated drinks. Since coffee is acidic, and therefore an irritant, it can cause a delay in the healing of your stomach lining. Additionally, the irritation can lead to digestive complications, such as diarrhea, acid reflux, or even ulcers. Coffee lovers, be patient – it is only a temporary inconvenience!

Creatine intake might not be a good idea!

One of the ingredients that should be included in your diet as less as possible is creatine. It can cause rapid water loss because the supplement draws water into the cells of your own muscles. They will therefore hold onto this water, resulting in bloating or puffiness around the stomach. While creatine supplementation, your water intake should be much higher. On average 6 to 8 cups of water are the recommended amounts when out of training. However, while creatine supplementing, you should drink an additional 8 to 10 cups of water on a daily basis, depending on your exercise program. Additionally, creatine supplementation combined with gastric sleeve surgery may result in excessive hair loss and negative effects on your liver.

How can I pick the best pre workout after gastric sleeve?

Pre workout supplements are basically multi-ingredient dietary formulas. Countless formulas exist, so there is little consistency in terms of their ingredients. Amino acids, beta-alanine, caffeine, creatine, and artificial sweeteners are often included in the ingredient list.

Several months later (up to a year) everything will go back to normal, and you will be able to consume caffeine again. However, you should definitely be careful when it comes to the calories that pre workout supplements contain.

Also, keep in mind, higher dosages of some ingredients may cause negative side effects and be considered even as dangerous. (1)

What you should pay attention to when choosing your pre workout supplements after gastric sleeve surgery:

  • The lower its caffeine level, the better!
  • Low level of carbohydrates is also crucially important!
  • Daily intakes are generally listed for a 2000 kcal diet, but bariatric patients will get a maximum of 1200-1400 kcal, in this case – take one scoop of the formula instead of the suggested 2! 
  • Low L-Carnitine level is a necessity if you suffer from heart disease because one of its side effects is that your heart beats faster!
  • Choose only pre workouts that include natural ingredients from natural sources!
  • And, last but not least, avoid artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors, as well as fillers and unnecessary pre workout ingredients!


(1) D. Craig Hopp, Ph.D., David Shurtleff, Ph.D., NCCIH. Using Dietary Supplements Wisely. Last Updated: January 2019.

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