Bariatric surgery cost: average price, hidden fees, financing

Bariatric surgery costs can differ depending on several factors. Some of them include the type of procedure, hospital reputation, or surgeon’s experience. There are, however, other reasons that you may not be aware of. They are usually related to the extra costs of your surgery. There may also exist some hidden prices that can make your surgery cost much higher in ways you didn’t even expect.

So let’s take a detailed look at all the factors that play into the many different pricing options for your bariatric surgery. Keep in mind it’s crucial to research and discuss all aspects of the procedure. Pay special attention to the associated prices and potential insurance coverage. Don’t let any unexpected costs catch you by surprise!


The cost of all bariatric surgeries explained

Let’s first check out our price list of all types of bariatric surgeries, according to the countries:

Gastric Sleeve£2.700£12.000£12.000£15.000£15.500
Gastric Bypass£6.200£16.000£14.000£20.000£13.000
Gastric Balloon£2.000£10.000£7.000£6.300£4.500
Gastric Botox£1.200£4.800£8.000£13.000£7.000
Gastric Band£3.500£6.000£11.000£12.000£11.000
Duodenal Switch£6.000£14.000£25.000£22.000£17.000

Bariatric surgery includes various types of weight loss procedures, each with its own unique characteristics and associated costs. When considering this type of operation, it is important to take into account both the surgical cost and the factors that may contribute to additional expenses.

The average cost of a weight loss procedure varies based on the type of surgery, as each treatment is tailored to specific candidates with different anatomy and health conditions.

What are the additional costs?

Additional costs are associated with the surgery, and each element or service has its price. Facility fees, including equipment, surgeon experience, and hospital costs, also have their costs. These prices may vary between facilities, whether it will be a hospital or a clinic.

 Min-max cost
Hospital stay£1.300-£8.000
CT Scan £300-£2.000
IV therapy£250-£1.200
Consultation fee£80-£250
Dietitian £80-£200
Pre-op tests£80-£250
Follow-up visits£40-£400

Price is mainly determined by region. Many patients travel to other countries for more affordable prices, particularly those familiar with medical tourism. To compare prices in different countries, you can reach out to your healthcare provider. Some countries, like Turkey, offer package deals that include both surgical and additional costs at a single price. It can be particularly beneficial if you are seeking affordable options.

Keep in mind that the health service in Turkey offers you a package deal for your bariatric surgery. Yet, it’s not the case for other countries, where you will only be given the price of the surgery itself. Because of this, the price ranges enormously worldwide.

What are the factors that affect the price?

The overall price of surgery is influenced by various factors, including pre and post-op actions, examinations, and care. Yet, certain factors may not be necessary depending on your specific case. Here are the additional costs that contribute to the final price.

Pre-op factors

Doctoral consultations, physical examinations, and psychological evaluation are the main 3 factors that add up to the price. Based on the number of examinations, and actions taken for an overall evaluation, your doctor will determine the range of cost. There could also be medications that may be needed.

During-op factors 

Bariatric surgeon fees, hospital room, anesthetist, and surgical equipment affect the price of bariatric procedures. These costs can vary from one facility to another due to many reasons. They may include the surgeon’s experience, quality of the tools, facility type, and location.

Post-op factors

The care of weight loss surgery cost differs based on the type of operation. Hospital stay, medications, and staff costs can be extra expenses. Some surgeries may need UV therapy to maintain recovery and nurturing, which adds up to medical costs.

There are also follow-up care visits expected to track your health and see if there are any adjustments needed. They will be done to help with excess weight reduction and assist with quality of life improvement. Based on your health status during that visit, the doctor will determine if there are any out-of-pocket costs.

The cost no one talks about - hidden expenses

It is important to have a plan for both short-term and long-term personnel costs as overhead costs for your weight loss journey. These costs include expenses related to your diet, clothing, exercises, and more. Yet, not all expenses may be necessary and your personal experience will determine the total costs.

Near future expenses

  • Nutritional diet and supply
  • New clothes
  • Gym membership

Far future expenses

  • Nutritional supplements
  • Aesthetic procedure
  • Additional surgeries

In the early stages of your weight loss journey, there are essential expenses that play a big role to improve health and body mass. These expenses include two elements that keep your body in good recovery, which are new diet items and special protein shakes. You also lose a significant amount of weight in less than a year, and that affects your clothing, so you will need a whole new set of wardrobe. Speaking of significant weight loss, physical activity is a must and it is throughout joining a gym unless you have the commitment to workout at home.

Long-term expenses may not always be necessary, but it is important to be aware of the potential need for them. For example, some bariatric surgery patients may require nutritional supplements for life. Additionally, in the future, you may choose to have excess skin removed after significant weight loss. Keep in mind though that it may not necessarily apply to you.

Financing for a bariatric surgery

There are many methods of financing options to pay bariatric surgery costs. Most of the facilities accept many ways of financing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re local or live abroad, the validity is certain in most cases.

The most typical payment method is direct cash, and it is most likely to be accepted if it’s a common foreign currency such as the dollar or euro.

Bad credit and financing

In case you have a bad credit score and apply for a financing option, it may be challenging to approve your application. Yet, certain healthcare financing companies are willing to work with patients with a poor credit history. It’s important to note that there may be some potential outcomes and they can include higher interest rates or fees.

Make your surgery more affordable: insurance coverage

If you are considering bariatric surgery locally, you may take advantage of the opportunity to get health insurance to cover a fraction of the price. You can contact your insurance provider to check the limitations of the coverage for the prices. Speaking of the prices, the coverage is usually for the additional costs that come alongside the surgical fee. The quality of the bariatric insurance coverage plan will determine the coverage services.

You should also know that you need documents proving your need for bariatric surgery. The proof is simply earned after checking for your overall qualification that is done in the hospital. Let’s talk about the papers you need to get bariatric surgery insurance coverage.

Needed documents for insurance

Getting insurance approval for bariatric surgery is not complicated. A trusted recommendation letter that shows your need for it for health reasons is enough. Generally, the papers required to ensure the insurance are related to your:

  • Medical history
  • Previous weight loss attempts
  • Physical and psychological tests

These documents are provided when you first go to your doctor’s appointment for a weight loss surgery consultation. Those papers show your eligibility for surgery in the first place which of course includes your age and BMI as well.

Do you need a more affordable option? Consider medical tourism

Medical tourism is a concept worth considering for surgeries aimed at improving health, particularly for weight loss. In addition to potential cost savings, it offers the opportunity to explore new places and experience diverse cultures.

There are few countries that are familiar with medical tourism weight loss surgeries. Before pinning the country you wish to visit, look deeply into statistics, reviews, and numbers of patients who visit that country for bariatric surgery.

As part of the search for more affordable packages, you can speak with your healthcare provider to discuss potential options abroad. Affordability can be achieved through business plans, such as package plans with all-inclusive prices. Additionally, there may be some further opportunities to negotiate desired services during your medical trip.

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